Linda Henry

parenting advice run amok

When my son was 5, he wondered why I grew so many vegetables. In response, I waxed on about beans, heaped praise on potatoes, and reminded him that tomatoes are actually a fruit. Sam wasn't impressed. At the time, I was a freelance writer and wrote dozens of articles for Parenting magazine. All those interviews with self-described child-development experts took their toll, and turned me into something of a parenting-advice rebel. So when 5-year-old Sam suggested growing a cookie garden, I was all for it.

Raising my kids and bringing The Cookie Garden to fruition, I've come to appreciate the idea of cultivating imagination. It's important for kids. Even more so for adults, who need encouragement in that area.

(Apologies for being an inconsistent blogger. I blame my muse, a 3-legged turtle who hibernates much of the year.)

Selected Works

My daughter likes depressing books. “Someone dies in the first chapter,” Grace says gleefully of a novel she can’t put down. Maybe this inclination comes naturally, growing up with the ghost of a sister she never knew. 
In which my Aspy son prevails against middle-school bullies. Adapted from "A Voice Not My Own"