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November 20, 2012

Tags: House of Mercy

We were not what they call regular churchgoers, my family of origin. I was raised Presbyterian, sort of. For us that meant we religiously attended services for six weeks when I was in the fourth grade in order that I might receive a free Bible. After that, my dad refused to get up early on weekends. (more…)

No, you go first. I insist.

March 27, 2012

Tags: House of Mercy

This passive-aggressive driving has got to stop. And if it arrives to my right at a four-way stop, it must go. It’s the law. I live in a suburb, where under the guise of Minnesota Nice, my fellow drivers are driving me crazy. Just this evening, I came to a four-way stop. I was making a left turn. The driver opposite me, who arrived at the intersection at the exact same time, was going straight. He made the international gesture for “No, you go”—a sweep of the hand pointing me in the direction I was turning, as if I didn’t know. (more…)

Peace, love, and irony

December 29, 2011

Tags: peace, irony, House of Mercy

My friend Megan says Bethlehem needs their peace flame returned. My family became stewards of the flame, or the flame of the flame, almost by accident on Christmas night. We went to our usually Sunday-night church service. After Rev. Russell’s message (on the need for more irony in the world), and a rousing rendition of The First Noel, a voice cried out from several pews behind us: (more…)

Death of a Stranger (and ex-husband)

October 11, 2011

Tags: Luke the Drifter, House of Mercy

In a couple of days, I’m making my big theatrical comeback. I think the last time I was on stage was in my high school's production of “Story Theater,” a post-hippy musical in which I portrayed Henny Penny. I was typecast, honestly. Particularly in my younger days, “The sky is falling” was my mantra. Now I’m older, wiser, and only slightly embittered, so this new role is perfect for me. The play is (more…)

While Others Prosper

September 25, 2011

Tags: House of Mercy

This is a thing I wrote for House of Mercy's Feast of Jonah service. If you're not really into biblical stuff, you can sit this one out. Then again, it's not that bad...

I like the church song “Farther Along.” I especially like this line: “Then we do wonder why others prosper, living so wicked, year after year.” For some reason, it’s especially satisfying if you sing it in a southern accent. (more…)

Selected Works

My daughter likes depressing books. “Someone dies in the first chapter,” Grace says gleefully of a novel she can’t put down. Maybe this inclination comes naturally, growing up with the ghost of a sister she never knew. 
In which my brilliant son prevails against middle-school bullies. Adapted from "A Voice Not My Own"