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August 9, 2011

My kids are gone this week, which means for the first time in recent memory, my free time is actually free. It's almost more than I can fathom. They're teenagers, but one's too young to drive and the other has no interest in it, so almost every weeknight and weekend I'm schlepping them somewhere, and often in two different directions.

In the ramp-up to their respective departures, (more…)

What is a bat but a mouse with wings?

August 6, 2011

Prices last updated c. 1967
When you're sleeping alone in a cabin, one of the last things you want to hear is the sound of flapping overhead. In the millisecond before I turned on the light, I hoped it was a very big moth. It was not. I flipped on the light and discovered (more…)

Selected Works

My daughter likes depressing books. “Someone dies in the first chapter,” Grace says gleefully of a novel she can’t put down. Maybe this inclination comes naturally, growing up with the ghost of a sister she never knew. 
In which my brilliant son prevails against middle-school bullies. Adapted from "A Voice Not My Own"