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Elementary, my dear

1st grader, Golfview Elementary
In the way that happens when you move back to the town you grew up in, I ended up at the elementary school where I started. It’s not an elementary school anymore, but an “alternative learning center.” I went to a meeting there with my daughter.

When I was a kid, the school parking lot overlooked the water plant. (An odd concept to me now: there was a factory where water was produced?) The most exciting news that could pass through the corridors was “Fight between Randy S. and so-and-so. Meet at the water plant after school.” Read More 
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It was a different time.

My high school doesn’t exist anymore, at least not in name. The building still exists, which is a good thing, since my eldest is graduating from there in June. But the place where I earned my high school diploma is gone.

Maybe it’s just as well. It’s the people that matter,  Read More 
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