Linda Henry


Muscle memory

October 31, 2012

Itís Halloween and I did something that really scared me. I started working with a personal trainer. Itís been almost exactly 19 years since a car accident turned my life into a before and after. Before the accident, I cross-country skied in the winter, once shocking a New York City editor when she found out I was pregnant while on lodge-to-lodge ski trip for the magazine. The editor was ďscandalized,Ē which made me feel brave and athletic. (more…)

The committee in my head

October 13, 2012

As part of my midlife makeover, I decided to stop being such a slug. I spend a lot of time applying ass to chair, which is how Dorothy Parker described the art of writing. Part of my excuse for not exercising more has been that I was in a car accident years ago that caused all sorts of havoc with my body, and even though Iíve healed a lot, Iím still not sure what my limitations are. I go to a yoga class once a week, making a lot of modifications. For instance, until recently my tree pose involved using both of my legs to form the trunk. I just stood there, arms raised, heart open. (more…)

Half-empty nest syndrome

October 7, 2012

When youíre young, with two very small children, and you decide the most prudent move is to become a single parent, itís as big a commitment as a marriage vow. Youíre acknowledging that you are solely responsible for your children.

Sam and Grace were 4 and 2 when I realized it couldnít be any more difficult to raise them myself (more…)

Selected Works

My daughter likes depressing books. ďSomeone dies in the first chapter,Ē Grace says gleefully of a novel she canít put down. Maybe this inclination comes naturally, growing up with the ghost of a sister she never knew.†
In which my brilliant son prevails against middle-school bullies. Adapted from "A Voice Not My Own"