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In love and anger, peace and mercy

A few weeks ago I watched the video of Amy Winehouse's concert in Serbia. She didn't even know she was in Serbia. I can't really justify my gawker slowdown to watch, except that her behavior was so outrageous. But I was especially interested in the people around her: the working musicians who didn't know what to do except keep smiling and playing; the audience, outraged that they'd spent  Read More 
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The weather geek's version of an acid flashback

If this was December, whoa, it would be a lot colder.
We're experiencing record heat this week in Minnesota. Last winter, we set records for snow and cold. Within the boundaries of these extremes, I've noticed a shift in my attitude. I used to experience November through March as if diving into the deep end of a very cold pool, holding my breath until it was over and I could come up for April air. It was even worse a dozen years ago,  Read More 
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This just in: Shutdown ends on Linda Henry's blog

Not that I'm pretending anyone will notice, but I'm going to blame my lack of recent blogging on Minnesota's government shutdown. I'm only being a little facetious. For me, the Republicans' inability to negotiate in good faith, in St. Paul and in DC, is mind-numbingly scary. I didn't realize how frozen I was until  Read More 
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