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Peace, love, and irony

My friend Megan says Bethlehem needs their peace flame returned. My family became stewards of the flame, or the flame of the flame, almost by accident on Christmas night. We went to our usually Sunday-night church service. After Rev. Russell’s message (on the need for more irony in the world), and a rousing rendition of The First Noel, a voice cried out from several pews behind us: Read More 
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Ironically ubiquitous

A coupla smart alecs in their ubiquitous tie-dye, 1998.
Grace, my 15-year-old, has been working on a final project for science, a video about motion. "Is it okay if I leave the computer on overnight?" she asked.

I don't really understand the process of film production, only that this was better than the alternative, building a trebuchet, which I was told involved a lot of parental know-how, oversight, and possibly power tools.  Read More 
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