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While Others Prosper

This is a thing I wrote for House of Mercy's Feast of Jonah service. If you're not really into biblical stuff, you can sit this one out. Then again, it's not that bad...

I like the church song “Farther Along.” I especially like this line: “Then we do wonder why others prosper, living so wicked, year after year.” For some reason, it’s especially satisfying if you sing it in a southern accent. Read More 
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Strolling Down Revisionist Lane

When Sam was really young, he was interested in the solar system. I remember tucking him into bed and asking if he wanted to be an astronaut. I must have asked the question with some fear in my voice, because his answer was reassuring: “Don’t worry, Mom. I’m like a sailor who never leaves the shore. I want to be an astromoner.”

“Wait,” says the 17-year-old as I recount this story. Read More 
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Labor Night

Because it is 2:47 a.m. and I am awake, I might as well take account of my worries. My immediate concern is Churchy the three-legged turtle, who lives in our vegetable garden all summer. And even though it's barely Labor Day, temps have dropped into the 40s, assuming the weatherman is to be believed.  Read More 
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Monkey in the Middle

Several years ago, I resigned as middle child in my family. I can’t remember what made me tender my resignation, but I was sick of the role and I told my older sister so.

I remember when we were kids, my sister and her best friend standing on either side of me, tossing a ball above my head. I was maybe 10 and they were 15. I’d jump up, trying to grab the ball, hopelessly short, hopelessly inadequate. Read More 
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