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Driving Miss Crazy

Although I like to consider myself beyond reproach, I will cop to one very particular personal flaw: I constantly provide feedback, mostly negative, to my fellow drivers. I’m not talking about my fellow drivers on “life’s highway,” but rather fellow drivers on whatever road I am also driving on, in the literal  Read More 
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The Winter of My Content

Like Churchy, the three-legged turtle who summers in the vegetable garden, I think I’m ready to accept my winter fate. Unlike Churchy, I will try to refrain from hurling my body against the walls of my terrarium, insisting on one more romp in the garden, which we non-reptiles know is torn up and about to freeze over for the duration. Keith has been bringing Churchy in at night, but even so, the turtle spends his sunny afternoons digging into the garden, under the sod or the uprooted tomato vines, as if his people have abandoned him. I know how he feels; maybe it’s come to this: every reptile for himself. If you don’t have a ride home and don’t feel like hitchhiking, you best find a cot in the back and hunker down.  Read More 
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Death of a Stranger (and ex-husband)

In a couple of days, I’m making my big theatrical comeback. I think the last time I was on stage was in my high school's production of “Story Theater,” a post-hippy musical in which I portrayed Henny Penny. I was typecast, honestly. Particularly in my younger days, “The sky is falling” was my mantra. Now I’m older, wiser, and only slightly embittered, so this new role is perfect for me. The play is  Read More 
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