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The raptured barber

This week, with all the talk of the end of the world, I took greater notice of the barber's rapture-fish sign. (I'm pretty sure the other side says "Open.") It's a new business, opened in the last year. He calls it Studio of One, or at least he did in the beginning. A sign hanging above the window features a large numeral 1 in red and white stripes. A few weeks ago, another sign appeared in the other window: "Chair available for rent." But how could it be a studio of one if he rented another chair to another stylist? That would make it a Studio of Two, which sounds stupid. As I sat outside in the car, waiting for my kids to emerge from tai kwon do, I had a chance to study the Studio of One sign. Wait a second. Someone had scratched off the "OF." Only the O and a portion of the F were visible. So maybe the proprietor decided it would be Studio One, which would allow him to bring in another barber.

But then, last night, I saw the fish sign in a new light, and I took this picture. I think the barber's been raptured. And there's a chair available for rent at the Studio of One.
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