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Blog something funny.

"So I'm having this problem," I finally confess to my husband and my teenage son over dinner. "Ever since I started blogging on my website, I have writer's block. Never had it before in my life. But I figure to drive traffic to my website, I have to blog fairly regularly. So last week I wrote on my to-do list 'Blog something funny.' And after that I froze."

"But you're funny all the time," my beloved husband says. "Just write some of it down."

"Thank you, but you don't understand," I say. "Some hilarious stuff has happened in the last week, but it's all about all of you -- Grace, Sam, you. It's private. I can't write about it for public consumption."

Sam nods philosophically. "Sometimes I say something I don't mean to be funny," he says, "but it's classically autistic and people laugh."

"I know," I say. "It happens all the time. And I would use that material, but then I would be exploiting your Asperger's for the purposes of marketing my writing, and that would be wrong."

"That's ok," he says. "I don't mind."

"Perfect," I say. "So say something funny."

Sam is speechless. I recognize his expression as one I have faced in the mirror every day for about the past week. Suddenly, he's got nothing.

"There you go," Keith says. "Blog this conversation. Problem solved."
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